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Development Update #4 Leather Cornucopia

Hey everyone,

We’ve had our nose to the grindstone the last few months working hard to add vehicle applications and new brands to the site. Since our last update we’ve launched the site in Lou Fusz Subaru St. Peters and Lou Fusz Kia. We also added a huge amount of products and vehicle applications, and I’ve done my best to call out the major additions below.

We’ve also made some changes to the order submission form based on feedback from Subaru St. Peters. We love hearing from salespeople because they know what they need better than anyone else. If you run into any issues, or see something that could be improved please let us know using the “Leave Feedback” button on the lower left of your screen or by emailing me directly.

Reward Program Changes

  • Subaru Lift Kits now eligible for 450 points.
  • Order submission improvements
    • Added “Desired Color Option” to order submission form.
    • Vehicle pickup options adjusted for greater clarity and choice.
    • Clarified several fields and removed several unnecessary fields based on the type of sale selected.

Site Changes

  • Category thumbnails added to main navigation menu.

New Products

Updated Products

  • Receiver Hitch renamed and added size options.
  • Custom Design Leather Seating removed to reduce confusion.
  • Vehicle-Specific Leather Seating renamed to Designer Leather Seating.
  • New Designer Leather Applications:
    • 2019 Subaru Ascent
    • 2019 Dodge RAM 1500/2500/3500
    • 2017-2019 Kia Niro
    • 2014-2018 Kia Forte
    • 2017-2019 Kia Sportage
    • 2018-2019 Kia Stinger
    • 2016-2019 Kia Sorento
    • 2015-2019 Kia Optima
    • 2015-2019 Kia Sedona
    • 2014-2019 Kia Soul
    • 2015-2019 Dodge Challenger
    • 2015-2019 Dodge Charger
    • 2015-2019 Dodge Durango
    • 2011-2019 Dodge Journey
    • 2016-2018 Fiat 500
    • 2016-2018 Fiat 500x
    • 2017-2019 Chrysler Pacifica

Our Current Focus

  • Additional Products
  • Vehicle Package Integrations
  • Internal Process Troubleshooting

Known Issues

  • Prices displayed on some lifestyle products are incorrect until a color/option is selected on the product page.
  • Prices displayed on category and search pages may be incorrect when browsing without a specific vehicle selected. Workaround: Select a vehicle before browsing categories.
  • Clearing the vehicle filter from a results page will remove all filters.
  • 2019 vehicles do not appear in main vehicle search options. Workaround: 2019 model year is available within specific products, navigate to the product before selecting a vehicle.

I’m excited to get the site into the hands of the majority of the Lou Fusz Automotive Network by the end of the year. We’re looking at Fiat ME, Jeep, Chrysler/Dodge, and Toyota next.

– Jason Prott, Marketing Manager