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Development Update #2 Better, Faster, Stronger

Hi everyone,

We’ve made several key improvements in the past weeks. Most importantly, we fixed an error that was causing large page-load delays on the e-Commerce storefront. We also migrated our Dealer Back-End to a new server with greater security.

These changes have dramatically improved the loading times on both sites and give us a great foundation to stand on.

Training Course Added

With these quality of life improvements in place we’re now able to focus on adding content. Our first training course, Welcome Aboard: This is Accessory Sales Reimagined, has be added to the Dealer Back-End. This course introduces new users to our system and prepares them to submit their first sale online. It also offers the first taste of non-sales related point earn opportunities.

We’ll be monitoring quiz performance on this course to optimize and inform future course structure.

Our Dealership Debut

Our sales team will be hosting a website/process orientation for Lou Fusz Subaru Creve Coeur on July 16, 2018. This will mark our official launch at this store. We’ll be working closely with the Lou Fusz Subaru CC sales team to answer questions and monitor progress as they integrate our site into their sales process.

We’ll be doing a lot of self-analysis during this period as well, to ensure that we are effectively performing our end of the process. We expect to uncover several areas which we can improve the storefront and back-end. If you have any suggestions be sure to utilize our feedback form.

Our Current Focus

  • +Additional Products
  • Vehicle Package Integrations
  • Training Course Development
  • Internal Process Troubleshooting
  • Page Load Speed Optimizations
  • Performance & Bug Fixes

Known Issues

  • Prices displayed on category and search pages may be incorrect when browsing without a specific vehicle selected. Workaround: Select a vehicle before browsing categories.
  • Clearing the vehicle filter from a results page will remove all filters.
  • Confirmation emails are not sending after points are awarded or deducted.

We’re excited for people to begin using our tools and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

– VIP Marketing Team