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Development Update #1

Hi everyone,

This is the first of new regular development updates we’ll be providing to give you better clarity on the status of this project, as well as bring attention to new features and known issues within the sites.

We’re excited to say that both the e-commerce storefront and dealer back-end sites have reached a functioning state! VIP Auto Accessories 2.0 is ready for action, and Lou Fusz Subaru will be first to utilize it in the dealership and in their sales process. We expect this testing period to last 2 months before bringing it to additional dealers for further testing.

Our Current Focus

  • Vehicle Package Integrations
  • Training Course Development
  • Page Load Speed Optimizations
  • Performance & Bug Fixes
  • Internal Process Troubleshooting

Known Issues

  • Prices displayed on category and search pages may be incorrect when browsing without a specific vehicle selected. Workaround: Select a vehicle before browsing categories.
  • Confirmation emails are not sending after points are awarded or deducted.
  • Clearing the vehicle filter from a results page will remove all filters.

Vehicle Search

You’ll find all of Subaru’s new vehicle lineup is available to search with, as well as a variety of other makes and models. Vehicles won’t appear here until there is a vehicle-specific accessory uploaded to the store.

You’ll see more and more vehicles available as time goes on, and we’ll need to maintain a close relationship with all our dealers to ensure the newest model years are available on the site monthly.


Legacy Site

Our original site will remain untouched and continue to function for the immediate future. This “legacy” site as we’ll will refer to it from now on will eventually be replaced by our new online store This transition may not occur until late 2018.

That’s all for now! We can’t wait to share more soon.

– VIP Marketing Team